VieJolie(ヴィ・ジョリ)Dressmaking School & Creative Atelier・纏布(まとう)肌着と寝具

Dressmaking School & Creative Atelier

Vie Jolie
〜Joyful Life〜

Menu of classes

Dressmaking lesson for adults 

Introductory lesson

Salon lesson (semi-private lesson)

One day intensive lesson for brides-to-be

Basic lesson/Expert training lesson

Sewing lesson for kids

Dressmaking lesson for adults

Introductory lesson

Choose your favorite clothing fabric at the atelier, and let’s make a dress in your size. Beginners are welcome.
Let’s devise a way to recreate the clothes sleeping in your closet.

◆Remaking your clothes◆

 Time: 1 lesson (2hours) x 1~3 times
 Fee: 4,000 yen per lesson
◆Make tunic & wide pants◆

 Time: 1 lesson (2hours) x 4~5 times
 Fee: 16,000~20,000 yen

  Misc.expenses : 1,000 yen
  Fabric (if provided): Actual cost
(You can bring your own materials.)

We will advise you about clothing fabric upon inquiry.
Please choose a time (2hours/lesson) from below:

(10:00-12:00, 13:30-18:00) on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Salon lesson (semi-private lesson)

What would you like to make if you have your favorite clothing fabric ?

Let’s make it happen!

If you have any cloth and you want to make a dress someday,
If you have a book you want to refer to for making it,
If you have some image of your creation,

Please bring them and join us.

Let’s make it !

One day intensive lesson for brides-to-be

Bear in mind three key points!
These basics will help your life and save your time.

★Button sewing
★Ironing of shirts

Bring your own shirt, blouse, pants or just bring yourself.

Basic lesson

The human body is 3-D, and the cloth is flat.
So, there are some basic rules in the scheme of dress making.
You can extend them to your own design, once you understand them.

The pattern is the key for dress making, and your body’s original form is the most important.

“Vie Jolie” uses the original pattern we create with you and for you.

Each of our bodies has its own unique tendency; it is difficult to fit traditional ordinary patterns; they need amendment afterwards.
My mother created the new concept of “3-D pattern” and published this book 35 years ago. We will give you lessons with your original pattern based on this book.

Expert training lesson

This is the lesson for those who want to be professional.
We will give you some tips for improving your skills.

Dressmaking lesson for adults

Lesson Fees and Conditions

Monday to Saturday: 10:00-18:00
Max 3 people for one lesson
Prior booking required
Please advise your preferred date and time one month prior to the date.

★Salon lesson/Basic lesson/Expert training lesson


Min 1 hour


Entry fee: 3,000yen

Lesson fee: 2,000yen/hour

Facility expense: 1,500yen/month

Fabric: Actual cost
Basic materials: 3000yen
(for Basic lesson/Expert training lesson)

★One day intensive lesson for brides-to-be


2 hours



Misc. expenses: 300yen

We offer
Professional technique & support for your original dressmaking, including design arrangement, tacking& fitting. Enjoy dressmaking at our comfortable private atelier.

Sewing tools & materials

You may bring your own, or you can use any tools at our atelier during the lesson. We will give you advice when you want it.

Sewing lesson for kids

We support kids living in the throwaway era to find their creativity, and to make their own items by hand and to use the sewing machine by themselves.
It will help them to build their sense of accomplishment by making something from scratch or reforming their old clothes with their own hands.

Fees & Conditions

Saturday (13:30~14:30)
Sunday (13:30~14:30)

Prior booking required


2,000yen/hour (once a month)
Misc. expenses: 300yen
Material: Actual cost
(you can bring your own tools)
Snacks are included


Dressmaking specialist
Keiko Kikuchi

Keiko Kikuchi
Dressmaking specialist

Born in Utsunomiya city, Tochigi prefecture
Raised in the culture of dressmaking and sewing machines
Graduated from Bunka Fukuso Gakuin (Bunka Fashion College)
Started private dressmaking lessons after completion of child rearing.

2012 Started own business related to textiles
Ran a tailoring business and private dressmaking lessons
Organized the workshops of making dresses and other items using various materials in order to emphasize the importance of handmaking for a wide range of customers from kids to senior people.

2016 Opened atelier in Wakakusa, Utsunomiya
2017 Launched “Matou” brand of underwear and bed linens using natural materials such as cotton, linen, and silk.




3-17-11 Wakakusa, Utsunomiya city,
Tochigi 320-0072
(south side of “Kanseki” home-center)
Parking available, barrier free for wheelchairs